Let's Build Our Stories

Because i-TeachOptions was originally founded to help writers and save their stories.

We have a special place in our hearts for struggling writers. We know how you feel.  We're here to help you succeed, sustain your craft and tell you stories for the world to read.

How can we do that?


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Our Proposal: To Unify Circles

We want to create careers and opportunities that will help you do what you love, do what you are good at, do something the world needs, and be paid for it.

That's what the Japanese call Ikigai or Bliss!

Bliss is everyone's dream.

It continues to be our dream, which is why we established i-TeachOptions.

We want to find a way to unify the four circles.

Our solution is to train writers expand their mindset and train to become financial consultants for other writers and artists.

Welcome to our Writer's Club!

The i-TeachOptions’ Writer's Club is run by a group of financial advisors and would-be authors, who are committed to produce their original work and help other writers do the same.


By focusing on the business side of the arts first through financial literacy via seminars and mentoring.

Andy Warhol, the famous visual artist who introduced us to Pop Art, was a firm believer of fixing the business side of the arts. If you want to succeed as an artist, talent and passion alone won’t wing it.

You better know how to manage your capital, you need to learn how to sell your product, and you need to establish a good network of people.

For Warhol,“good business is the best art” because a good business removes the distraction of thinking of trivial matters like how to pay this month’s rent, how to make the deadline, how to make ends meet, etc; rather, we can focus better on our creative pursuits.

Essentially, Warhol embraced capitalism during a time where many in the creative sphere criticized it.

In the end, he made it to the big time—his critics, not so much.

He was both at the top of his craft and was financially successful.

So what we’re telling you know is that, if you want to be an artist, if you want to leave a legacy, fix the business side of the arts.

Find a way to sustain your creativity in the long term. There is no such thing as a short term artist.

Your Art and Business should blend well together, like Yin and Yang.

The i-TeachOptions’ Writers' Club creates opportunities for its team to focus on concrete projects. These are projects that writers can immediately achieve after they’ve determined and fixed the business side.

We are project-driven and our concrete projects—that immediate goal—increases our motivation to act now.

Our projects that are personally meaningful to us galvanizes us to our very core.

So if you're writer, who wants to work in the company of other writers, let's work together and elevate each other to new heights. Let's see what happens.

Here's your opportunity.


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