inspired entrepreneurs

Why do we Push for Entrepreneurship?

Inspired Entrepreneurship was a result of years of working, educating clients on the basics of financial industry. In practice, we continue to plan for our clients’ financial foundation. However, at one point, we realized we were merely working on the surface. We can do more. So we asked ourselves: what can we do to make people really happy, inspired, and more competitive?

The answer, we figured, is to run entrepreneurship programs.

And not just any entrepreneurship program that you often see in expos.

We’re talking about entrepreneurship that is aimed at encouraging innovation. We’re looking at a better way of creating and developing knowledge workers.

We firmly believe that the more we develop knowledge workers in the country who are able to author their own content and innovations, the more productive the economy.

Working smarter and smarter rather than working cheaper and harder is really the only strategy for a developed society to compete with low-wage juggernauts like China and India.

To do so, we need to improve the entry points of entrepreneurship—one that can give a fighting chance to everyone willing.  Current negosyo expos, overloaded with franchise ideas, can stifle real economic growth. How can we build more entrepreneurs, instead of turning them away from uninspired expos?

Inspired Entrepreneurs is our humble contribution to encourage Filipino innovation and on reducing the risk of entrepreneurship, and on improving the success rate of start-ups.

Through proper financial planning and Dream Teaming, Inspired Entrepreneurs Planning can lead to a continuous generation of new leads and produce new, innovative businesses and creative projects.

To know more about Inspired Entrepreneurs Planning and our planned entrepreneurial programs, come on over to our office and let’s talk possibilities.