What is an Inspired Financial Plan?

A typical financial plan would want you to plan for your children’s education, for long-term investment, for retirement, for estate preservation. 

It is like checking off a list of routines.

They’re cute.

And yet most people hardly do that?


Because you feel your financial plan as something external–they really don’t strike as relevant to me right now. 

If you compel a person to do his retirement planning, to buy life insurance, to save for the future right now, the human brain will interpret that as a loss–as a pain.

There is no denying that every sane person should be saving and investing as early as possible. But, ironically, the brain isn’t always sane. So you can’t really convince it with a moral high ground.

The brain has its own life rules to follow. In this case, because it doesn’t want to feel pain, it doesn’t want to lose money right now. Even if the gain is to felt in the future, the brain’s priority is the present circumstances.

If all brains are completely sane–more people would be doing their financial plan instead of buying the next generation of iPhones.

Because a financial plan feels like a loss, people end up procrastinating on it.

So there you go, a cute financial plan will often end up an acute plan.

Let’s Turn your Financial Plan Right Side Up

Our blueprint of making an inspired financial plan is to make one that should feel like a win for you.

To do that, your financial plan must be built from within.

Let’s plan your dreams, your worthwhile projects, lets find capital for your much-sought business idea.

Let’s make a financial plan that will wake you up from your slumber and galvanize you to action!

A Financial Plan  Focused on Your Dreams / Not your Nightmares

Our idea of a financial plan is simple. It should inspire people. It serves as a reminder that above and beyond petty things, there are dreams that could still come true, regardless of one’s level of income, debt, or economic condition

Rather than scare people about grim scenarios to sell them insurance, why not lay down all the facts that disciplined savings and investments could result in a positive reality.

Scaring people has become traditional among insurance salesmen. But that’s not how you win people over. Sure, fear is a great motivator. The problem is it will always be unhealthy and unproductive. For example, you want people to buy into your health insurance so they would serve as your buffer from high medical costs and other financial shocks.

From a marketing and sales perspective, there is nothing wrong with this. People have always bought into this technique for decades.

But there’s a bigger picture to consider here. By employing scare tactics, you’re introducing the person to a way of thinking based on negativity, fear, and worry. Eventually, the person gets so wrapped up in this, his stress levels make him sick eventually.

“Don’t sweat it,” the insurance salesman would say, “he has a healthcare plan anyway.”

Well, if we just didn’t put so many negative thoughts in his head, he wouldn’t have been so stressed and sick in the first place.

Still, this vicious cycle is common practice.

That’s why we came up with i-TeachOptions

All of us have bigger dreams. It’s time we start prioritizing them over our problems. It is time for positive, inspiring financial planning.

Live life to the Fullest

We encourage you to talk with us with your dreams while we build your financial plan. Let’s explore all options on how to finally go after your goals. 

You’re creating a financial plan for your self because you strongly believe that something good and great is due to happen to you — and all you need is to plan and then do it!

Simply shifting our thinking from negative to positive will help you attract more wealth into your life. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what an Inspired Financial Planning is. 

Believe it or Not, Money isn’t the Be-All and End-All

As far as we know, we are the only Financial Planners that do not focus solely on money. As you may have read about us, our focus is about fulfilling the happiness equation.

Peace of Mind + Fulfilment + Sense of Purpose = Happiness

According to Richard Easterlin, an American economist, happiness and income are related only to a certain point. He found out that satisfaction rises with income until about $75,000 (or just above 3 million PHP) a year. Beyond that, researchers have had trouble proving that more money makes that much of a difference. Other factors — like marriage quality and health — become more relatively important than money.

This is because money alone cannot satisfy the happiness equation.

Besides, it becomes a drag to keep talking about money when there are more important things that will keep people inspired and motivated.

inspired financial planning

Our Inspired Financial Planning, to a large extent, focuses on you and your possibilities.

At the end of the day, we are both pursuing projects that are both meaningful and fulfilling.

Because we’re not here on earth to just check off our routine list.