The Un-Scientific Truth behind the Power of Giving

You may have heard the saying "Giving is its own reward". Have you ever wondered why?

Recently, I was asked by a client a series of playful questions… can you explain, in scientific terms, the fine art of giving? Why do you think that when you give something, you will receive something of equal or greater value? Can you roughly give me the rate of return of giving?

Although we both knew the absurdity of these questions, I understood the basis of it. We are living in the age of information and knowledge management, maybe a scientific, sociological experiment can be made out of this.

So it made me wonder: Can we really measure the rate of return of the art of giving--somehow?

I’m sure I could come up with something, or scour the internet for something.

And I did for two weeks.

And what did I find….


Indeed, it was futile to approach the question like a mathematician, believing everything deemed as consistent must have a mathematical proof.

The flaw was to give my own ego a boost by trying t to explain the metaphysics behind the power of Giving (or at least draw an infographic about it).

Yet Giving and miracles behind it cannot be explained by our own set of rules. Certainly, all the math, accounting, and financial principles in the world cannot adequately prove it works.

Our world—the real world—is such a mysterious place that the only way to accept the power behind Giving (behind charity, philanthropy, sharing, ofrtithing) is to just accept the fact that a greater power in the universe exists and it's working behind the scenes.

For me, this is subtle proof that God exists.

Why do you think that the richest people in the world spend a bulk of their wealth toward philanthropy?

I’m sure they weren’t advised by their accountants to give something away without asking for interest. This is counter-intuitive on every level. But they do it nonetheless.

In fact, financial advisers and wealth coaches now find it indispensable to keep up with the Prosperity Formula.

The formula requires that Tithing comes first before anything else. You should share a percentage of your income to others even before you "pay yourself first"

The power of Giving involves more than numbers. It involves a law greater than any mathematical equation. It carries within it a mysterious, still unknown, energy that works behind human understanding.

Glad to say that my two week research was not totally in vain because I found one consistent rule behind the power of Giving.

"If you have to give—give things of yourself freely, without the expectation of return."

That’s it.

The rule is backed by centuries of wisdom passed on by generations. They were people who understood the power of giving much better than I do because they just did it. No questions asked. What they're doing is that if you have to give, don’t force the act. Don't compete or expect anything. Let it flow naturally from you. You don’t have to work harder for it. Let go and release. Give in to it and let the universe (let God) do the rest.

Secondly, you have to remember to give what you love. Indeed, love works in mysterious ways. And this is one of its many mysteries.

When you give what you love, then you know within yourself you’re giving away something that is abundant. And if you know something as abundant, you know deep down, there is plenty of it to go around and you won’t fuss about losing it. If you are too bothered about giving something away, then you are acknowledging the depletion of resources.

Either way, whatever you acknowledge—an abundance or scarcity of resource—the great power behind the universe will echo your thoughts back to you.

Giving what you love is essentially the easiest bit to follow. Because you know that what you love never goes away. If it does, love just replaces it with another. Love, like energy, is never depleted.  It just flows and transfers and flows again.

Third, the power of giving is the natural order of things. When you give freely, you’re just participating what is already there—and that is Circulation. Everything goes around and comes around. Thus, the wisest thinkers of old would say, why do you have to hoard things? Why do you have to hold things tightly? It is much easier not to.

You have to realize that the power of giving is not about the giving and receiving of things. It is about you and how you participate in the natural circulation of things. It is free flowing energy. Dip into it. Swim in it. And by all means, ride with its ebbs and flows.

If you do, something good will come back to you. And no mathematical principle could ever explain and contain whatever happened in between.