The Secret behind that old adage “Health is Wealth”

This week, we at i-TeachOptions would like to discuss, what we believe in, what can you expect from us, what you’ll get through our collaboration, and what makes us different from many financial advisers and planners out there.

Today, let us talk to you about one of the most important principles we follow: Inspired Health

“Health” both pertains to physical and psychological well-being. Physical health means that you’re free from sickness, disabilities, etc; Psychological health means that you’re not bogged down by chronic stress, worry, and anxiety.

The first order of our business is to promote your health. Economists and psychologists alike have produced a substantial body of evidence that points to health as a consistent determinant of self-reported happiness.

Health remains to be one of the best, and most consistent, indicators on the level of happiness (even more than income) in countries throughout the world.

We value Inspired Health to encourage you to maintain your psychological health. Put it simply, we need you to stop worrying about your financial condition or physical well-being. You can do this by taking appropriate steps to remove stressors – like financial shocks or high medical costs – while you’re still healthy.

To be healthy – think healthy!

By being healthy, you can actively pursue your other goals, without being hampered by psychological stress.

One of the strongest reasons why you need to secure yourself a health care plan or an insurance policy is that it creates a long term peace of mind with regards to your psychological and physical health.


First, the basic purpose of life insurance and health care plans is that they protect your finances.

It entitles you to discounted rates – Insurance companies negotiate rates with health care providers. Without coverage, the fee charged for a regular office visit can be twice as high.

Second, it shields you from unexpected medical costs

Even if your health/insurance plan requires you to pay certain costs out of pocket, being covered can help save you from bankruptcy in case of injury or hospitalization.

Third, it improves your access to quality care

With an insurance/health care plan, you have access to a broad network of health care providers.

Fourth, it provides you critical care

While patients without healthcare will often get emergency-room care and be billed afterward, they may not get important treatment for a life-threatening chronic condition without an upfront payment.

Fifth, it encourages a healthier lifestyle

You may be more likely to take advantage of regular checkups and preventive care if you know it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

To sum it all up, without a health/insurance plan, it would be extra challenging to stay inspired over the long term.

Stay healthy so we could move on to more exciting things — like how plan, finance and Set-Up your inspired goals front and center.