The Role of Happiness It shouldn’t be surprising to know that money management and financial health are pegged to your long-term happiness. You have to understand the things that make you happy. How do you define contentment? What is having enough for you? A conservative view of money management is about holding back and force

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In the years before children subdued themselves to iPhones, Playstations, and the internet, there were three definitions of playing: an outdoor sport, an 8-bit family computer, and good ole’ board games. Summers were the best time to play board games especially for us scrawny little nerds. The sweltering heat made it difficult to kick or

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Taken together, money and spending are pretty influential subjective concepts. Ever noticed that when you’re shopping, your emotions get the better of you? Your shopping could very well beat the hell out of your logical reasoning cold. This happens when you can’t stop the urge of using little plastic cards to purchase some things that

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In finance and investments, emotion is a dangerous creature. It’s cute, furry, cuddly, but feed it after midnight, it turns into a Gremlin. With emotion, we’ve tagged the one thing that salespeople use to lure you in. The same thing goes with advertisements. Ads pepper you with lots of images and sound designed to trigger

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You often hear that long term saving requires discipline and commitment. Just a bunch of words that conveniently sum up the idea.  But be warned, you may have been duped by the understatement of the year. Yes, long term savings needs your discipline and commitment. But if you’re planning for your children’s education and retirement,

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Have you ever heard the X-curve concept before? Experts on the matter say it is indispensable; you won’t have a feasible financial plan without it. The X-Curve diagram makes it easier for a financial planner to explain why a client needs insurance and investments. It’s a sure-fire way illustration on how to prevent bankruptcy and

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