Financial education is often dismissed as a vocation for the elite, or simply laid aside for a later (indefinite) time. But make no mistake. Everyone needs it…. and quickly. Do you want to learn how to achieve a financial security for you and your family? There’s no better time than to start NOW—regardless of your

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This week, we at i-TeachOptions would like to discuss, what we believe in, what can you expect from us, what you’ll get through our collaboration, and what makes us different from many financial advisers and planners out there. Today, let us talk to you about one of the most important principles we follow: Inspired Health

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This is for all frustrated artists and creative individuals out there. You are not alone. We all have the potential to become artistic. We all have the book–the stories–to share the world. One way or another, we can all become painters, photographers, novelists, musicians, and so on. But because there are immediate responsibilities to take

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