Purpose-Driven Financial Planning

i-TeachOptions aims to connect your financial goals to your values. Generally, we design an inspired financial plan for your long term happiness, alongside your future security.

Financial plans are generally used as blueprints for your savings/investments to meet a desired future—such as a stable retirement, to pay for your children’s education, to build an emergency fund, or to afford a brand new car, a house and lot, etc.

However, do this for a moment. If you feel that your financial plan is a ruthless piggybank. If you struggle to put your money into an investment because you feel it’s an expense. If you hesitate to commit to your savings program, then your financial plan does not jibe with you. Simple as that. Meaning there is a disconnection between your financial goals and what really matters with you.

Chances are you won’t be able to follow your financial plan because your values are not imprinted with the plan.

Over time, your financial plan would fail because it is run by motivation. Motivation requires energy, and energy gets drained eventually.

Inspiration doesn’t.

Listen. You were put into this world for a purpose. Do not proceed making a financial plan if you have things backwards—that money defines your wealth, that monetary possessions is the basis of your happiness.

Before making a financial plan, explore all your options. Explore everything about yourself. What are the things that make you excited? What makes you feel young again?

I ask this question because they would answer the most fundamental thing about yourself. It will define what wealth means to you.

The pursuit of your passion is the key ingredient to a successful financial plan. An inspired plan allows you to grow financially almost effortlessly. Indeed, Confucius was right when he said that finding the job that you love and you will never work another day in your life. Same is true with achieving wealth and financial freedom.

As we design your purpose-driven financial plan, we ask a series of “whys” to find out what makes the person’s real pursuits and longings. If not that, we only ask a simple, cliché question: If you’re only given six months to live, how do you want to spend the rest of your life?

We’re 100% positive you’re going to live with a purpose.

Let’s do that with your financial plan.