Project-Driven Financial Planning

Project-Driven Financial Planning

An alternative to retirement planning, a project-driven financial plan aims to help you build the business you truly want and need not retire from, including portfolio management to build you multiple passive income sources

Investment Options

What's your financial goal? Through your inspired financial plan, we'll search appropriate investment options for you through portfolio management services. You can also invest on start-ups, if that's your cup of tea.

Business Mastermind and Brainstorms

Upcoming events for 2019 include a business mastermind meeting and brainstorming sessions, perfect for would-be entrepreneurs and business social networking.

Project-Driven Plan > Retirement Planning

Retirement should mean quitting your present work because you hate it. It doesn’t make you happy. It doesn’t make you fulfilled. So it is time to stop.

In other words, an alternative to retirement is transitioning to a work you love–a work you can transition to as early as possible–a work that you don’ have to stop when you reach 60 (why stop doing what you love doing?).

My personal and professional theory is transform retirement planning to something else. It should mean the pursuit of what you are passionate for. If you have to save money to fund your dream business, or start funding its initial capitalization, then by all means, do it.

Thus, project-driven financial planning comes after you have funded your emergency funds, protection needs, and paying your debts.

The goal of a project-driven financial planning is to help you do what you love to do. If you need to quit the job you hate, if you want to stop working, your reason should be going after the thing that will find you meaning in your life. This could be doing a more fulfilling work. Or you’re running a well-oiled business that you have a lot more time with your family than your desk.

Loving what you do could mean a myriad of things, but our plan proposes that you should become inspired entrepreneurs in the long run.

The only requirement in a Project-Driven Financial Planning is your passion? What do you think is your purpose in your life and in your society? What is your dream business plan?

Do you need a Financial Plan? Let's Get it Done!

i-TeachOptions offers to make you a Purpose-Driven Financial Plan aimed at understanding your values and achieving your financial goals.