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Our Approach

If you reduce i-TeachOptions to its basic components, we're left as a group of nerds testing out new game mechanics and ideas. This is our heart and soul. This is who we really are.

For this reason, we exist for game developers and to serve as an outlet for their ideas.

Whether we're play-testing to help developers hone their creations or brainstorm new ideas, we value feedback and camaraderie above anything else.


We're organizing get-togethers to test future successful games


A discussion board and support group to help developers hone their craft

Research & Development

Gamification is an evolving field. We're not claiming to be experts and are content on remaining as students of this exciting craft. With play-testing and brainstorming, our hope is to contribute to the development of gamification as an instructional tool.

What can we do for you? We're Glad to Help!

Simply tell us what you need and we'll deliver.