The problem extends to the classrooms. Teacher Hazel Cayetano knew that monotonous learning programs often lead to the most hazardous obstacle in learning: boredom! Meanwhile, HR Specialist, Sen Villanueva, and Trainer, Vanessa Diaz, have experienced first-hand the challenge of handling motivationally-depleted employees which, apparently, an increase of incentives does little to improve.

This is precisely what Event Organizers, like Marichiel Gutierrez, are tasked to do: run an event that will galvanize participants to the core—and give them their money’s worth.


Finding Gamification and dedicating our lives to its application, development, and research can be compared to us winning the lottery. Not everyone finds the precise thing one loves the most. We found ours. Gamification is the intersection of our team, where all our passion, expertise, and interests meet. It is our True North. Our common love for tabletop games and game design convinced us to establish a business service for it—because why not?

It is just pure fun.

The Story of Gamifying our Lives

i-TeachOptions was founded by a person who really had an attention deficit disorder. Theodore Marc Gutierrez, RFP, is prone to boredom and distracts easily. The most mundane things can put him off the rails, which affected his productivity and personal development. Sadly, he is not alone. With the world bombarded with digital platforms & social media—all meticulously designed to grab our attention, it has become exponentially difficult to focus on one thing compared to 12 years ago.

The answer to all these challenges, we found out, is human-centric Gamification. Gamification brings appeal to seemingly monotonous actions. The principles of gamification do not hack into your brain to improve focus; rather, our propensity to play games is our most basic instinct. When presented with a game, we are naturally engaged, motivated, and are anchored to get an achievement.

By incorporating game mechanics in the design of a learning process, learners become more productive. Their behavior changes for the better.


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Incorporators / Consultants

PRESIDENT - Theodore Marc Gutierrez, RFP® (Marc) remains committed to innovation in financial education. Teaching financial concepts through blogs, seminars, workshops at i-TeachOptions, he takes a look at the world of finance not so much as an academic but as a curious explorer--a documentary filmmaker--with an eye towards personal fulfillment. He thinks more in terms of GNH (Gross National Happiness) than GDP, leading to a form of financial education and planning fixated on the role of happiness. Above all, he is a game nut. Currently dipped into the wild and fascinating area of Gamification, he spends his time inventing new games and applying game elements to various settings where no one thought before.


Rhosenie Villanueva (Sen) was born in Manila and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at City College of Manila (now Universidad de Manila). Sen is a proud Iskolar ng Bayan. Her experience in Human Resources has given her valuable industry insights into service businesses, retail, property management, not-for-profit organizations, manufacturing, and transportation. She found her passion as a Rotaract/Rotary volunteer, has represented the organization at various international levels and hogged awards after awards for her performance. Most impressively, she served as President of the Rotary Club of Metro Escolta and ran the organization admirably at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hazel T. Cayetano (Haze) Currently works at Prince Georges County Public Schools in Maryland, USA as Itinerant Resource Special Educator. She also taught in the Autism Program for 10 years. Her accomplishments in the field of education include achieving the National Board Certified Teacher Exceptional Needs Specialist in 2011 which provided leadership opportunities for her as now she is a Trainer for Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning, New Teacher Mentor for Early Childhood Teachers, Mentor Teacher for National Board Certification.

Vanessa M. Diaz (Vanie) was born in Sampaloc, Manila, and the only child in her family.  Van is one of the pioneer graduates of City College of Manila with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Psychology took her Master’s Degree in Management at TUP, Manila. Currently, she works in TESDA National TVET Trainers Academy as the head of the research unit.  She is also serving as the Life-Changing President of the Rotary Club of Metro Escolta. Vanie is a natural-born leader and a proud wife and mom to her three kids.


TREASURER - Marichiel Dela Cruz-Gutierrez (Mari) majored in Finance and Banking, and later, a Certificate in Teaching. She originally conceived i-TeachOptions as an open-source workshop that anyone can tweak and apply to their own business needs. Later on, she established Mari Gutierrez Events weddings and Bellentee for event organization and logistics. Having to work on i-TeachOptions reflects her underlying belief: that a game-driven education can be far more dynamic in learning, as long as it is removed from its complexities and stripped down to bare essentials.

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