Simply Gamify Card Game

All the principles of Gamification in a 5-suite card game. Simple, efficient, and straightforward, play this exercise and boost your productivity.

Hidden Agenda

Can you trust your colleagues to perform your task? Or do they have a hidden agenda? A game of honesty, honor, and betrayal.


How long can you hold in your fat wallet? Will buy or walk away. Buck the consequences either way.

The Quiapo Tiangge

Get rich in the streets of Quiapo through a tough, no-holds-barred market race. Hustle your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Medieval Hagglers

Money isn't a fixture in the Medieval Period. Prices rise and fall. With influence, commodities, sigil, and pure wit, barter, haggle, get married to royalty, or duel to the death!


Convert your sales workplace into a magical arena, where you play wizards, warlocks, and witches scouring the earth for spells and tricks. Before you know it, without you realizing it, you become better at sales like magic


A life transforming game that plays a joke on gaming itself. This is a comedy of rules, of anything goes. Kuibble only has one objective: Be the first to prove you've won.

Early Edition

Become better at what you do. Time travel and outdo your past. Reach your ideal future.


Build your empire from scratch. Survive and compete in a business chess and see if you can topple the big corporations

Zombies vs Insurance

Do you have enough insurance? Have you invested in building a sturdy wall to keep the undead out of your household? Zombies ain't smart, but they know enough to know you should have the insurance.


A straightforward game of resource allocation, timely, income-earning investments, movement, and survival.

Reach the Deal

A risk-taking game that yields the best deals or the worst transactions

Game Design and Collaboration

We have passionate people that are devoted to the practice of gamification in business. In order to grow our organization as a whole, we're always looking for talented developers and business planners who can share their knowledge.

Applying gamification is a collaborative effort. Our team will work with you to understand design and lift capability across your organization. The end goal is to inspire continuous learning, innovation, and empowerment that leads to an elevated workplace for your employees and better business results for you.

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