Our Mission

Up and Forward

i-TeachOptions, Inc. provides alternative solutions to your planning, training, production, and learning needs through the fun and creative process called Gamification.

Gamification is about applying game elements to non-game settings, simply, to improve an individual’s engagement, motivation, and, ultimately, joy.

Passion for one’s craft, dedication, and focus remains to be the standard formula for success. All these can be strengthened by our natural affinity for playing. Gamification enlivens your spirit to get your game shorts on. While at it, time passes. And you realize that you’ve improved your skills—in a Miyagi-like training regimen.


Our Objectives

Simply Gamify

Healthy Gaming 

Kill Boredom



Simply Gamify

Healthy Gaming

Our Services

Training Gamification

Corporate training/teambuilding ideas and design

Personal Productivity

Help design productivity regimen to achieve target goals


Game-testing, feedback, play events


Learn and experience gamification


Publishes original tabletop and card games

Retail & Promotion

Sells independent games from various local developers

Business Values

Concierge-type Service

We’re here to help your business. When you tell us what you need, we’ll find a way to get it done and fulfill your specifications. We make your life easier.

Valuable Partnership

We’re happy to work on one-time projects; but honestly, we’re not satisfied with being just another vendor. i-TeachOptions is committed to building relationships and partnerships with client companies and developers. We believe that a longer partnership leads to better results on both ends. That is why we’re are striving to be an indispensable part of your team.

Professional Expertise

Because gamification remains an evolving process. We set ourselves apart by continuous R&D to seamlessly improve our services. We brainstorm, play-test, and compile feedback, not just to reflect on our expertise, but to show how committed and how we are passionate about what we do. Because gamification is a craft where no one is a master, we pride ourselves as enthusiastic, highly motivated practitioners.

Solutions that Work

When you approach us with a challenge, we’re not going to offer you suggestions from ready-made packages. We understand that you’re hiring us because you demand solutions that fit your needs.

Kill Boredom!

Gamification is our passion

Why Gamifaction

There are plenty of reasons why I turned to gamification.

  • It utilizes the fun aspect of games to create more focused attention toward personal development
  • It increases employee motivation and improves retention
  • It turns fear into fun
  • Playing does more than making things pleasant; it encourages people to learn more, increase their motivation, and injects them with grit.

On a much personal note, all roads led me to specialize in Gamification. I love the creative side of game design, which I have been doing since childhood.

The Japanese, with their enlightened perspective on craftsmanship and happiness, teach a concept they refer to as Ikigai (pronounced as Ick-ee-guy). Ikigai is a point where your passion, mission, vocation, and profession intersect. This sweet spot defines your bliss.

I found my ikigai with Gamification; and my craft, my work, is to Simply Gamify.

- Theodore Marc Gutierrez, RFP


Financial Planning & Gamification

Financial and business planning are easy. You can learn basic investment concepts in a day.  And what you can learn in a day can be effective in building your wealth for the rest of your life. If that’s really the case, then financial literacy for everyone can be accomplished and we can all be wealthy right now.

But no. Financial literacy is harder for a lot of people because the barrier to wealth is not really economics or mathematics, it is psychology. It is behavioral. The barrier for all of us is the human side—the emotional side—of finance.

Truth is, there’s another creature within us that lurk behind our consciousness. And this creature—often irrational, illogical, and compulsive—has the strings that control our behavior, our belief systems, and our mindset, subtly undermining our best interests.

The one resounding flaw among financial planners is force feed rigid financial concepts against your emotionally-charged, unstable behavior. Our mistake as would-be-financial-literate-individuals is to let our emotions and our irrational behavior satisfy our immediate whims, which risks damaging our financial health in the long term.

My goal as a financial planner is to find ways to bridge the gap between your behavior and proper financial practices. After years of trying to gain relevancy, I found a unique way of creating a financial plan, which also happens to be my life-long passion: gamification.

Gamification is applying game mechanics and aesthetics to non-game scenarios to engage people, motivate them, and, most importantly, make it fun.


Get your financial plan in order with Gamification


Forget about financial seminars that you won't retain after a week. The deal is you have to feel financial concepts at work. You have to see how you’ll respond to challenges that could reflect real-life scenarios.

My hope is to provide my clients tangible options on how to respond properly when dealing with money and investments; make the financial process fun and engaging by gamifying everything – from education to planning – with the goal of unraveling your financial behavior.

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i-TeachOptions offers to make you a Purpose-Driven Financial Plan aimed at understanding your values and achieving your financial goals.