Inspired Financial Planning

Who is this Planning for?

If you want to transition to Entrepreneurship
If you want to escape your 8-5 job and do something more worth your while
If you want to plant the seeds of your greatness by investing more on yourselves


Help you plan and build a fulfilling and inspiring business venture.
Increase your passive income sources
Set the date for your early retirement (retirement from 8-5 jobs).
Enhance and improve your business networks to find more opportunities.


A comprehensive financial plan
Join/Build your own mastermind group
Free financial consultation for 1 year

A typical financial plan would want you to plan for your children's education, for long-term investment, for retirement, for estate preservation. 

It is like checking off a list of routines.

They're cute.

And yet most people hardly do that?


Because you feel your financial plan as something external--they really don't strike as relevant to me right now. 

If you compel a person to do his retirement planning, to buy life insurance, to save for the future right now, the human brain will interpret that as a loss--as a pain.

There is no denying that every sane person should be saving and investing as early as possible. But, ironically, the brain isn't always sane. So you can't really convince it with a moral high ground.

The brain has its own life rules to follow. In this case, because it doesn't want to feel pain, it doesn't want to lose money right now. Even if the gain is to felt in the future, the brain's priority is the present circumstances.

If all brains are completely sane--more people would be doing their financial plan instead of buying the next generation of iPhones.

Because a financial plan feels like a loss, people end up procrastinating on it.

So there you go, a cute financial plan will often end up an acute plan.

Let's Turn your Financial Plan Right Side Up

Our blueprint of making an inspired financial plan is to make one that should feel like a win for you.

To do that, your financial plan must be built from within.

Let's plan your dreams, your worthwhile projects, let’s find capital for your much-sought business idea.

Let's make a financial plan that will wake you up from your slumber and galvanize you to the action!

Talk with us about your dreams while we build your financial plan. Let's explore all options on how to finally go after your goals. 

You’re creating a financial plan for yourself because you strongly believe that something good and great is due to happen to you -- and all you need is to plan and then do it!

Simply shifting our thinking from negative to positive will help you attract more wealth into your life. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what an Inspired Financial Planning is. 

Do you need a Financial Plan? Let's Get it Done!

i-TeachOptions offers to make you a Comprehensive Financial Plan aimed at understanding your values and achieving your financial goals