How to Play the Press Start version 1 Worksheet

Press Start V.1 is just your friendly-neighborhood to-do list, which just happens to have a spaceship.

The mechanics are simple. Award yourself points for good habits you’ve completed. Your points carry over to the Energy Management Worksheet, where you can convert your points into energy. Save enough energy so you can boost your spaceship forward.

Read on to get quick instructions on the worksheet.


The Cover Page

This is just where you’ll write your name and list your short- and long-term goals. Your goals serve as a daily reminder to begin your day with the end in mind.

The To-Do List

In general, I listed four avenues of good habits that would lead to improved financial health:

Vision/Action Habits (e.g. Creating your vision board, doing concrete things for your vision board, being proactive rather than reactive).

Investment and Savings Habits (e.g. Saving money, investing, thinking things through before buying non-essentials)

Stress Management Habits (e.g. meditating, exercising, cooling off)

Abundance Mentality Habits (e.g. gratitude prayer, not complaining, being optimistic)

Of course, you can create your own categories just as long as it would lead to your financial health.

List the good habits you should be doing that would fit each category. Assign 3 points to those habits that are the most relevant to your goals, assign fewer points to others.

At the end of the day, rate yourself and compile as many points as you can. No cheating!

Keep improving your performance. Those small, incremental wins would turn up BIG later on.

Here is a fun fact: Small improvements make all the difference in your life. Calculate this: if you score 1% better from the previous day and keep that 1% constant for the rest of the year—you’ll end up 37.78% better this time in 2022.

Energy Management

Your total points from your to-do list carry over to the Points Summary column. If you think you have saved enough points, use it to power up your spaceship.

To transfer your points from the Points Summary Column to the Refueling Bank



Then press the plus sign     to transfer points from the Refueling Bank to the Energy meter found on the top row of the WW-Spaceship worksheet

The Wayward Spaceship

Check your Energy meter on the top row.

On your left are the navigation buttons that cost energy per use (10 for forward, 12 for incline/decline forwards, 5 for up and down, and 50 for warp speed.

When your spaceship has flown far enough, you can find the Navigation Buttons at the bottom of the worksheet

What to expect in the later versions?

I’ll upgrade Wayward Spaceship by adding more lively obstacles so you won’t just be flying straight through. I’ll also add more data analytics on your habit performance and plug in some quirks as to where you can transfer your points: maybe you’ll need a different energy meter for your laser or force field.

In higher versions, I’ll be plugging in more games other than spaceships. Who knows what twisted idea I might come up with.

So stay tuned.

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