How Dream Teaming Make You Better at Everything

What is a Dream Team?

The 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona saw Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, and others create one of the greatest sports team ever assembled.

They would immortalize the word “Dream Team”.

Through them, we loosely identified a Dream Team as a group of very skilled and talented people working together toward a common goal.

What made the 1992 Dream Team stand out is not just about the member’s individual talents.  After all, games aren’t won by a single player, and certainly, blowing out opponents with an average of 43.8 pts per game isn’t the work of Jordan or Johnson.

Dream Team is a dream team only if each member pushed one another to reach their full potential (Besides, why would you fool around when you’re playing alongside Jordan, right?).  More importantly, each member had fun doing it.

Let’s Go Beyond Networking and Focus on Dream Teaming instead

What we’ve learned about Dream Teaming is that it isn’t an exclusive opportunity. Everyone can form their own dream team.  In fact, everyone should form their own dream teams. It’s an indispensable requirement for those who want to be the best in their game.

Aside from money and time, the most recurring complaint made by individuals on why they’ve been held back from fulfilling their dreams is people—they haven’t found the right people, or they were working with the wrong people, or office politics killed their motivation to work, etc.

Surround Yourself with Remarkable, Positive People

Deep down, we all want to be pushed to our best. We want to be supported, encouraged, listened to, accepted, loved, and understood. We want to stand on the shoulders of giants—or the people we admire. We want to be surrounded by motivated, proof-positive individuals that will contaminate us. We dream of these things. But the right people aren’t there.

What set us back is that we’ve lived in a social box that limited the way we formed our professional relationships. Our network of friends and colleagues is a product of our location. We go to high school with the people who live in our neighborhood. We go to college with the people admissions officers decide are qualified to be in our class. We join a company based on incomplete information and a general lack of direction upon graduating from college. And one day we wake up realizing that the people we spend the most time with are not necessarily the ones that we want to be influenced by.

This leaves us to live and work in a group that will not necessarily produce the best version of you. Eventually, you have to decide whether to settle in a life of complacency or do something about it—go beyond your box and start looking for the right people to comprise your team.

What Exactly is a Dream Team?

Apart from the 1992 U.S. Olympic Basketball Team, the best example of a Dream Team was called the Inklings. The Inklings was a group of would-be remarkable writers comprised of J.R.R Tolkien (author of the Lord of the Rings), C.S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia), Owen Barfield, Charles Williams, and several others. The group regularly met in a pub to discuss their individual projects. Whether directly or indirectly, the Inklings pushed each member to create their best work possible.

A Dream Team is a collection of 4-8 creative individuals who meet on a regular basis to help one another reach their fullest potential. 

To get a dream team together, you’ll have to find 3-7 other people who will be as committed and dependable as you. They’ll need to be creative, which simply means they’re dedicated to achieving their dreams (and yours) through creative problem solving, goal setting, and accountability. Finally, everyone in the group needs to be willing to meet on a regular basis.

Dream Teaming in i-TeachOptions Financial Planning

Financial Planning with i-TeachOptions attempts to build your dream team through referrals. Our job is to give you as many options as possible–including entrepreneurs, artists, and other people who may have a natural rapport with you.

Hopefully, we can bring the right people that would help you make your plan come into fruition.

Let’s Get Started 

Whether you’re a young professional just kicking off your career, a new business owner, or a seasoned career veteran, with an Inspired Financial Plan, there’s nothing better than to form your dream team now and find out how far you can go at your best.