Games vs COVID and the Fight to Stave off Low Motivation

There is no single cure-all for the pandemic. Fortunately, we thought of a way forward to maintaining our sanity and productivity, and it’s called Gamification.

A year ago, at the start of the nationwide lockdown, we buckled up to ride out the quarantine. Everyone called this a different kind of warfare, not like our grandparents had to go through. This was a virtual war where we’re told to just stay home.

We thought it’ll be over in weeks.

Boy, we were so wrong.

Months pass and little progress were made. Suddenly, we came into full view of what is happening: the new normal has become permanent. And we weren’t ready for it.

As a result, we experienced pandemic fatigue. We became complacent. We downplayed the virus. We behaved like normal people would do to stave off depression. We went out with less stringent observation of physical distancing and mask-wearing.

Now, we’re into another surge of COVID cases. We’ve not come into a full circle No. It’s more like we’re trapped in a loop.

Indeed, COVID has changed everything. It has forced us to work from home and accept that virtual meetings are here to stay.

With the slow rollout of the vaccines, don’t expect herd immunity until....  2023. The new normal will be a long one. Accept the reality that we won’t be going to places like we normally do for the next 2-3 years. 

We haven’t got a choice here. Surviving the new normal and staying productive means protecting ourselves from COVID at all times. To succeed in that, we need to keep our composure as well (to prevent mania and depression). 

The challenge of working at home is that it goes against every fiber of being human—you feel compartmentalized, cramped in your own space, isolated from everyone else. Companies that have compelled their workforce to work from home face the epidemic of low motivation, disengagement, and, at times, depression. The same can be said about online classrooms.

Without a doubt, Gamification will be playing a critical role in maintaining a good amount of employee productivity. It will provide new ways of boosting motivation.

Gamification is a process of integrating game mechanics to heighten participation, giving online meetings some kick. It features design elements to non-game applications by creating a fun environment. 

Below are the advantages of Gamification to organizations during the new normal.

Improve Learner Engagement

With games, the once boring content becomes vivacious. It can replace the waiting time for content to move forward with friendly competition among participants. Gamified tasks can galvanize participants from their somber moods. It can replace the passivity of browsing the web, clicks, and long lectures with real human activities.

Skills Development

Communication skills, stress management, leadership development, negotiation skills, etc. are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what gamified training can bring. Essentially, participants learn while having fun.  

A Room for Creativity

Some well-developed gamified content enables participants to spill out their creative juices. If the objective of the online meeting is to improve participation, giving space for creativity goes a long way.  

New Employees will love this

New employees find their first immersion overwhelming. Going through all the introductory documents, videos, and training sessions, could adversely affect their motivation from day one. Gamification provides a powerful first impression among recruits.

Shoot-up Productivity

The pandemic has greatly affected our productivity, not only with the economic slowdown but with low motivation. Motivation is a big organizational asset, and it is increasingly difficult to come by.  Gamification may not solve low motivation in its entirety, but it could certainly help maintain it to a healthy, steady level. Gamified content heightens productivity when designed specifically for collaboration.

Positive Feedback Loop

Games are especially useful because they can provide feedback quicker than anything else. Instant feedback through gameplay enables participants to learn from the outcome, monitor their performance faster, and make progress. Feedback delivered constructively pushes the right buttons for the participants to feel intrinsically motivated.

Transmits Corporate Vision

For organizations that thrive with a powerful vision, Gamification has become an essential tool for transmitting corporate DNA across their workforce. Employees can play games that help them integrate organizational vision into their psyche.

Because the need for gamification will certainly on the uptick in the years to come, i-TeachOptions have turned to design game-based learning methodologies. We’re here to help organizations and individuals struggling against low motivation in the new normal. The use of game dynamics has been proven as a powerful tool for human resource development. Also, i-TeachOptions is currently developing gamified content to help online classrooms struggling with poor student participation.

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