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i-TeachOptions has collaborated with Theodore Marc Gutierrez, RFP in providing independent financial planning. Mr. Gutierrez has been immersed in financial literacy since 2011. In 2018, he earned his Registered Planning Philippines credentials. His financial planning program includes numbers crunching, financial therapy, financial recovery, and investment advisory.

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Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan should be a never-miss opportunity. Though you can do so on your own, there may be a lot of emotional baggage that keeps you from finishing it. It’s much easier to consult a Registered Financial Planner® to get your plan going.

With an RFP financial plan, we can optimize your salary and investments; save you money by making sure you’re not overpaying anything, including fees, insurance, or debt; and avoid behavioral errors that eat up your finances.

Our Approach

Using motivational principles, we're gamifying your financial plan and your other, project-driven, endeavors to simply get you "addicted" to your personal development. 


Artists Solutions Financial Planning

You know what’s frustrating about being a writer, musician, painter, etc.? It’s sustaining your creativity. You know what’s worse than that? Staying creative while paying your bills, debts and working for money.  Do you know what you need to do? Make an Artists Solutions Financial Planning.

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Inspired Financial Planning

Sometimes, you just need to see something with your own eyes to believe in yourself again. You want proof that you can do it—that you can finally do what fulfills you. Inspired Financial Plan is that proof you’re looking for—let us prove it to you.

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The Purpose-Driven Financial Planning

Imagine you’ve reached your retirement years, but you’re not at all tired. In fact, you’re filled with energy. You get up in the morning like a teenager. Your brain is active. You’re excited with what you’re doing. And you just made money while sleeping. How did you do it? You made a Purpose-Driven Retirement Planning years ago.

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Rise-Up Financial Planning

When you’ve hit rock bottom, we’ll help you back up with a plan and an amazing support group. Let’s work together. Let’s rebuild. Let’s rally. It’s never too late with Rise-Up Financial Planning.

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Why do you need Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is a continuous and evolving process to help you make sound decisions about how to direct your savings and investments towards the goals in your life. It is not just about buying investment products.

Often, the plan involves protecting your family during emergencies or present income disappears. It also includes a guide on how to spend money more wisely.

Of course, you can make financial plans on your own. But if your needs are more complex, you can consider i-TeachOptions to make a financial plan for you.

Financial planning involves a six-step process.

  1. Short-, medium-, long-term Goal setting
  2. Listing of Assets and liabilities
  3. Current financial position (how close are you to achieving your goals?)
  4. Development of plan
  5. Implementation of the plan (changes to be made and how to make it happen)
  6. Monitor and review (annually or semi-annually)

Education Planning

Protection Planning

Cashflow Planning

Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

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