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What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is a continuous and evolving process to help you make sound decisions about how to direct your savings and investments towards the goals in your life. It is not just about buying investment products.

Often, the plan involves protecting your family during emergencies or present income disappears. It also includes a guide on how to spend money more wisely.

Of course, you can make financial plans on your own. But if your needs are more complex, you can consider i-TeachOptions to make a finanical plan for you.

The financial planning involves a six step process.

  1. Short-, medium-, long-term Goal setting
  2. Listing of Assets and liabilities
  3. Current financial position (how close are you to achieving your goals?)
  4. Development of plan
  5. Implementation of plan (changes to be made and how to make it happen)
  6. Monitor and review (annually or semi-annually)

Let's Pursue your Dreams Today!

i-TeachOptions offers to make you a Purpose-Driven Financial Plan aimed at understanding your values and achieving your financial goals