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Our Approach

Gamified learning is a relatively new instructional approach that we did not jump into for the sake of following a trend. We recognize its potential as a learning tool because of its effect on increasing motivation, engagement, and retention.

And yet, gamification learning is one we have been careful to tread. For our workshops, following strict physical distancing and COVID-19 protocols, we're conducting gamification through real-life engagement and person-to-person activity whether online or offline settings.

We prefer tabletop and card games over digital games because your interaction with real people is part of the learning process.

Through our approach, we guarantee one thing: we're going to be better, more memorable and impactful, than most seminars out there.



Financial Education

Learn all necessary financial concepts in a gamified marketplace.

Gamication Basics

We're teaching, sharing, and continually learning the new field of gamification theory.  Let's gamify everything, shall we?

Wealth Mindset

This is teaching behavioral finance with a twist -- maybe you're a money magnet for a reason, or maybe you have some hidden emotional hang-ups that you may want to address. Let's play it out.

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