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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gamification?

The use of game elements/mechanics to non-game settings. For example, create games in the workplace to improve employee engagement productivity

How can we apply this in our workplace?

We design games specifically to help employees improve on a skill set. It’s like a Miyagi-like training regimen. Participants play games they don’t realize they are improving their skills while they’re at it.

Why Gamification Works? When does it not work?

Gamification utilizes a human’s natural inclination of play and converts that into productivity. Gamification that doesn't work (or doesn’t convert into productivity and motivation) is essentially either a bad game design or a game that does not match the learner’s needs.

Why choose us?

We see your company’s success is anchored mostly on your human resource productivity and engagement. We know how to help your business, and we are itching to do so.

Tell me about i-TeachOptions

We are startup that began in 2021. We are comprised of teachers, trainers, human resource managers, event organizers and financial planners who are passionate about gaming. When you reduce us to our most essential bits, our career DNA is about designing games to make work life easier.

If interested, where do we start? How can you help our workplace?

Game design is collaborative. We can work on the fine details of your workplace and we will present our templates that, in our expertise, can be worthwhile as a game for your company. After your approval, we will customize the gamification according to your specifications, especially on your employees’ needs.

Have you already tried this with other clients?

Since our incorporation this year (2021) we have so far helped gamification in increasing membership engagement and participation in Rotary Clubs.



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