To the Brave and Bold Writers: You have the Power to Change the World!

Dear fellow writers,

How would you like to form a new group of writers that truly collaborate and support each other? I would like to propose forming a new business opportunity with you, one that is both purpose- and project-driven.

Let’s achieve something concrete.

I am proposing to writers to become financial consultants on the side. Okay, before you pump your fist against me (because hey, you may be an introvert who does not like to talk to people), but hear me out.

I believe there is something essential about writers that will make them better financial consultants than the rest.

If you became a writer because you want to share stories, then this is for you.

Because the business of financial consultancy has always been about sharing stories.

Financial consultants come and go. Many left because they were in it for the wrong reasons.

You have to understand that this is a business about serving others.

The question is: how do you serve others?

Most people would say: To give information. To give free advice.

Information sharing is easy. Free advice is a dime a dozen. Financial consultants share information all the time.

We all have blogs and social media. They cost next to nothing.

It’s easy to get your message out there.

Yet, despite that, it’s difficult to stand out because everyone can do it.

Everyone can do a website, promote a Facebook page, talk on a YouTube, write blogs.

Yet, despite all these marketing tools, many financial consultants quit after some time.

Their marketing strategies won’t work

Because nobody cares about their information.

Too much information and advice just cancel each other they become white noise.

They don’t understand what writers know.

As writers, we all thrive for one thing.


Writers understand how story matters.

You know how to stories tick.

You know how to hook people with a story.

Story that matters is hard work.

People just want to get around it. So they turn to so-called marketing or sales gurus.

They all claim to have the secret to success.

The only secret to a successful financial consultancy career comes from this age-old, time-tested secret.


And who are the people who are great at telling stories.

Poets. Bards. WRITERS.

They know how tell stories right.

As writers, you know how stories connect with people.

Because you, the writer, have something most people take for granted.


You write stories about people. You talk about their insecurities and their vulnerabilities by putting yourself into their shoes. By doing so, you understand how they feel. More importantly, you know where they are coming from.

A career in financial consultancy is no different.

It’s about listening to people.

As writers, you do more than listen. You know where their emotions are coming from. You dig on their back story.

Most financial consultants don’t do this. Instead, they are focused on selling. They want to direct the person’s story and match them with their products.

Then the whole conversation becomes the story of the product/company, not the person.

As writers/financial consultants, you must empathize with people and understand the story they are living—just like you would in the characters of your book.

What motivates them? What makes them jump in the morning? What do they fear?

By connecting with people better, you have the power to change lives.

You master every aspect of storytelling—both in books and in conversations—then you will become successful in this very lucrative career as a financial consultant.

If this isn’t enough to convince you to become financial consultant, let me provide you another reason.

You need to learn about sales.

In Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the author, Robert Kiyosaki granted an interview with a reporter, who is also a good writer. Someday, the reporter said, I would like to be a best-selling author like you.”

“What holds you back from achieving your dream?” Mr. Kiyosaki asked.

“My work does not seem to go anywhere”, said the reporter. “So I keep my job (as a reporter)”

“Do you have any suggestions?” the reporter inquired.

“Attend a sales-training course.” Mr. Kiyosaki simply said.

The reporter was offended by the suggestion. Dabbling into sales seem to be an insult to her as a writing professional. She hated sales and salespeople.

To which, Mr. Kiyosaki replied why he is a “best-selling author”, not a best “writing” author.

The sad truth is, great talent is not enough.

We have to do more. We have to expand who we are.

So, if you want to thriving career as a writer, why not add sales into your skill set. Learn about sales. When you do, you will learn more about people. You will learn more about behavior. And most importantly, you’ll learn more about yourself.


Now, at this point, if I’ve finally caught your interest.

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