Tackling the COVID-19 pandemic the only way I know how–with a behavioral approach So it’s been a while since my last blog. The Covid-19 pandemic certainly disrupted a lot of our plans. The lockdown compelled us to stay at home, inducing us to stick to the only windows left to view the outside world—television and

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You may have heard the saying “Giving is its own reward”. Have you ever wondered why? Recently, I was asked by a client a series of playful questions… can you explain, in scientific terms, the fine art of giving? Why do you think that when you give something, you will receive something of equal or

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A typical financial plan would want you to plan for your children’s education, for long-term investment, for retirement, for estate preservation.  It is like checking off a list of routines. They’re cute. And yet most people hardly do that? Why? Because you feel your financial plan as something external–they really don’t strike as relevant to

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This week, we at i-TeachOptions would like to discuss, what we believe in, what can you expect from us, what you’ll get through our collaboration, and what makes us different from many financial advisers and planners out there. Today, let us talk to you about one of the most important principles we follow: Inspired Health

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abundance mentality vs scarcity mentality

It’s that time of the year we preach Recent spates of bad news have bombarded us in the various media we interact with on a regular basis: Surging oil prices, the P54 per dollar, the 9-year high inflation rate at 6.4%, metro traffic woes (EDSA), bearish market—it seems nothing is going right these days. What

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Have you ever heard the X-curve concept before? Experts on the matter say it is indispensable; you won’t have a feasible financial plan without it. The X-Curve diagram makes it easier for a financial planner to explain why a client needs insurance and investments. It’s a sure-fire way illustration on how to prevent bankruptcy and

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