5 Reasons How Gamification Can Beat the Conventional Training Methods Dr. Ani Atanasova Let’s achieve a better learning experience! Read our new blog and find out the reasons how gamification can beat the traditional training strategies. Training is an essential part of every business as it provides growth and learning opportunities to keep employees engaged

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Press Start V.1 is just your friendly-neighborhood to-do list, which just happens to have a spaceship. The mechanics are simple. Award yourself points for good habits you’ve completed. Your points carry over to the Energy Management Worksheet, where you can convert your points into energy. Save enough energy so you can boost your spaceship forward.

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  Good habits are the key to all success, bad habits are the unlocked door to failure, says Og Mandino, author of the Greatest Salesman in the World. Performing financial planning is 90% sticking to good habits and 10% number crunching. If you develop good financial habits and stick to them for the rest of

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Your long-held math anxiety may be the reason why you’re delaying your financial plan. To ease the tension and reduce “financial planning anxiety”, we’re going to gamify the process. In high school, my blood pressure would rise for this dreaded anticipation of math time. What made it worse were the math teachers who had the

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There is no single cure-all for the pandemic. Fortunately, we thought of a way forward to maintaining our sanity and productivity, and it’s called Gamification. A year ago, at the start of the nationwide lockdown, we buckled up to ride out the quarantine. Everyone called this a different kind of warfare, not like our grandparents

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