The information age has one serious side effect: It has increased its ability to distract and overload us with non-essentials.  In the midst of our ongoing lockdown, we often find ourselves in our individual bubble where, more often than not, our access to information isn’t just TV anymore, it’s the internet, it’s our smartphones that

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Truth be told, I wasn’t sold into Gamification the first time I learned about it. Seeing that most of it merely added points, badges, and leaderboards (PBL) wherever it could fit. It seemed to me that PBLs are deliberately attached to marketing, training, and development for the sole purpose of hacking user motivation, which tantamounts

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5 Reasons How Gamification Can Beat the Conventional Training Methods Dr. Ani Atanasova Let’s achieve a better learning experience! Read our new blog and find out the reasons how gamification can beat the traditional training strategies. Training is an essential part of every business as it provides growth and learning opportunities to keep employees engaged

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