Building Great Habits with a Little Spaceship


Good habits are the key to all success, bad habits are the unlocked door to failure, says Og Mandino, author of the Greatest Salesman in the World.

Performing financial planning is 90% sticking to good habits and 10% number crunching. If you develop good financial habits and stick to them for the rest of your life, you’re actually 90% done.

Yet good habits are difficult to keep up. For habits to stick, it has to be programmed into your neural pathways. But who else is there that lets things get injected into their brains like this?

Machines. Computers. Robots.

Human beings are always anchored toward motivation. Motivation is a tricky thing, you see. If the perceived reward resulting from one’s practice of a good habit no longer stimulates you (or that it loses meaning), the habit breaks down. If you get tired (physically, psychologically, or mentally), again, the habit ceases to continue.

We always attach purpose or meaning to something, which machines can never do. If not that, we will feel drained at some point, which machines do not have to contend with.

Although Gamification is not a silver bullet to overcome the brutal problem of diminishing motivation; it can hotwire it. The trick is to plug in some little goals and quests into your formation of habit. This doesn’t mean that Gamification will replace your sense of doing things with a purpose; rather, it helps you perform the necessary action, without you feeling the grind.

Ideally, the best Gamification program is one where users would keep on playing, unconscious of the fact that they are forming good habits and developing relevant skills.

The reason we decided to form our company around gamification is that we want to synergize our research around our services. By doing this, we improve our capacity in designing a great gamified learning experience.

We’ve taken the first step toward that goal with our Press Start Program.

Its objective is to gamify financial planning using fun games to keep you engaged. Hopefully, the games will urge you to come back for more. While you’re at it, you’re developing good financial habits.

Press Start v.1 is an Excel worksheet. It’s very simple. Very rudimentary. It’s just a way to get the ball rollin’. All you need to do is list down the good habits you believe will improve your financial condition.

When you successfully accomplished your to-do list, you gain points, which in turn, would fuel a spaceship! That’s right. The goal is for your spaceship to reach a certain destination. When you reached that—hopefully—the habits you listed have been ingrained in you.

Press Start V.1 worksheet can be sent to you for free. Just like our Facebook page and simply ask for it via email at

Check out how to play the game here.

Version 1 will be upgraded soon with more quirks and games to keep the fun aspect of your habit-building program. So keep in touch.