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If you want to sustain their creativity for the long term
If you want your business venture to become an expression of your creativity and happiness
If you want to join a community of fellow artists and collaborate with each other in the context of financial health, increasing passive income


Help you  sustain your creativity in the long term
Increase your passive income sources
Set the date for your early retirement (retirement from 8-5 jobs).
Set a date for your first creative market release
Enhance and improve your business networks to find more opportunities.


A comprehensive financial plan
Brainstorming sessions
Collaboration (when available)
Join/Build your own mastermind group
Free financial consultation for 1 year

This is for all frustrated artists and creative individuals out there.

You are not alone.

We all have the potential to become artistic. We all have the book--the stories--to share the world. One way or another, we can all become painters, photographers, novelists, musicians, and so on.

But because there are immediate responsibilities to take care of, there are bills to pay, deadlines/quotas to meet, pragmatism takes over and most of us end of dreaming of what could have been. What could I have created if given more time and opportunity to explore my talent? Would I have been a singer? An author? An illustrator?

You never knew if you were capable of these dreams because your creative talents were not sustainable in the long term.

Therefore, the time is ripe to seriously think about artistic freedom and financial sustainability.

For more than 10 years, I worked as a freelance online writer and researcher. My job was filled with irony. I love writing--a lot--but I spent the bulk of my time writing to make ends meet, rather than enjoying my craft and honing my skills the way I want it to develop.

How will I ever get better at writing if I was stuck writing for clients--writing content about subjects I hate or find boring?

Tell me, how will I ever experience positive growth from that?

Comedian George Carlin once said that you work hard enough so you won't get fired and you get paid just enough money not to quit. Faced with this conundrum, and five to ten years later, you end up with little or no artistic production at all.

And you asked yourself, "what happened to me?"

The simplest answer is this: You had goals for your talent and artistry. But you didn't plan for its sustainability. Attempting to finance your creativity and your projects with a job you work hard in or with little income or both, and you'll end up like a dog biting your own tail.

This is the reason why artists should seriously consider the business side of creativity. They need to understand the purpose of passive income--wherein your savings and investments are the ones that make money for you.

Passive income should be a "no-brainer" for artists. The steady stream of cash flow borne out from the interest rates of your savings or dividends would leave more time for you to innovate and create, since you don't have to be chained from the perennial demands of your day job.

Think of your passive income as your most efficient muse.

If you want to achieve artistic sustainability, passive income is a pre-requisite for you to be able to pursue your creative goals.

In my case, writing my book would be much better if I don't have to worry about my family starving. I can pursue bigger projects and endure more risks. Possibly, I can sell my books or find out that nobody wants to buy it. That's okay, I can take it because I have established a good business foundation to support my endeavors. So I jump to my next project. Simultaneously, I'll keep improving my skills and attempt to become the best that I can be in my art.

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