Our Mission

Kindness. Understanding. Financial Options.


We’re here to promote financial literacy through Behavioral Finance, Wealth Mind-setting, and Game Development
To deliver financial education through fun, innovative workshops
To design new tabletop and card games that will enhance your financial literacy skills
To build you—or valued clients—a purpose-driven, inspired comprehensive financial plan
To arrive at behavioral self-correctional tips on financial decision-making through empirical studies

Our Services

Behavioral Finance Studies
Purpose Driven Financial Planning
Innovative Workshops
Game Development
Financial Wellness Seminars
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What is i-TeachOptions?

Financial planning is easy. You can learn basic investment concepts in a day.  And what you can learn in a day can be effective in building your wealth for the rest of your life. If that’s really the case, then financial literacy for everyone can be accomplished and we can all be wealthy right now.

But no. Financial literacy is harder for a lot of people because the barrier to wealth is not really economics or mathematics, it is psychology. It is behavioral. The barrier for all of us is the human side—the emotional side—of finance.

Truth is, there’s another creature within us that lurk behind our consciousness. And this creature—often irrational, illogical, and compulsive—has the strings that control our behavior, our belief systems, and our mindset, subtly undermining our best interests.

Our mistake as financial planners is to force feed rigid financial concepts against your emotionally-charged, unstable behavior. Our mistake as would-be-financial-literate-individuals is to let our emotions and our irrational behavior satisfy our immediate whims, which risks damaging our financial health in the long term.

My goal as a financial planner is to find ways to bridge the gap between your behavior and proper financial practices. I’m continuously conducting original empirical studies through research, experiments, surveys and game development to reach my own conclusions on human behavioral conditions (particularly among us Filipinos) on money management. We have to understand our primordial selves and learn to regain control. Without this awareness, all our financial know-hows can go down the drain as hidden mechanisms will always manipulate our behavior.

At the end of every study, it is my hope that I could provide my clients tangible options on how to respond properly when dealing with money and investments; create tips on how to arrive at an optimal financial strategy based on your behavior and personality; and develop original financial games and innovative workshops that will help you unravel your behavior towards money.

The ultimate goal for i-TeachOptions is quite ambitious. At the end of the spectrum of economics and finance (and pretty much everything else) lies the elusive, yet ever present, mirage called Happiness. I am in pursuit of the same goal. After all, finding things that could make our lives spark is what really matters in this world.

So I’m here now teaching your inspired options to discover that.

Care to join me?

Lead Researcher

Theodore Marc Gutierrez, RFP® remains committed to innovation in financial education. Teaching  financial concepts through blogs, seminars, workshops at i-TeachOptions (bit.ly/itoptions), he takes a look at the world of finance not so much as an academic but as a curious explorer--a documentary filmmaker--with an eye towards personal fulfilment. He thinks more in terms of GNH (Gross National Happiness), than GDP, leading to a financial education and planning fixated on the role of happiness. Currently dipped into the fascinating area of behavioral finance, he spends his time giving out surveys, conducting experiments, and writing reports. He is also a game nut, inventing new role-playing-games to understanding actual behavioral tendencies when it comes to money. He manages TGMG Training Center, a start-up company focused on innovative workshops and games development.

Do you need a Financial Plan? Let's Get it Done!

i-TeachOptions offers to make you a Purpose-Driven Financial Plan aimed at understanding your values and achieving your financial goals.