We provide alternative solutions to your planning, training, production, and learning needs through the fun and creative process called Gamification.
Gamification is about applying game elements to non-game settings, simply, to improve an individual’s engagement, motivation, and, ultimately, joy.
Passion for one’s craft, dedication, and focus remains to be the standard formula for success. All these can be strengthened by our natural affinity for playing. Gamification enlivens your spirit to get your game shorts on. While at it, time passes. And you realize that you’ve improved your skills—in a Miyagi-like training regimen.


We Create A Different Kind of Office Politics

Our Objectives

Simply Gamify

Healthy Gaming

Kill Boredom

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Our Services

Training Gamification

Corporate training/teambuilding ideas and design

Personal Productivity

Help design productivity regimen to achieve target goals


Game-testing, feedback, play events


Learn and experience gamification


Publishes original tabletop and card games

Retail & Promotion

Sells independent games from various local developers

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Business Values

Concierge-type Service

We’re here to help your business. When you tell us what you need, we’ll find a way to get it done and fulfill your specifications. We make your life easier.

Valuable Partnership

We’re happy to work on one-time projects; but honestly, we’re not satisfied with being just another vendor. i-TeachOptions is committed to building relationships and partnerships with client companies and developers. We believe that a longer partnership leads to better results on both ends. That is why we’re are striving to be an indispensable part of your team.

Professional Expertise

Because gamification remains an evolving process. We set ourselves apart by continuous R&D to seamlessly improve our services. We brainstorm, play-test, and compile feedback, not just to reflect on our expertise, but to show how committed and how we are passionate about what we do. Because gamification is a craft where no one is a master, we pride ourselves as enthusiastic, highly motivated practitioners.

Solutions that Work

When you approach us with a challenge, we’re not going to offer you suggestions from ready-made packages. We understand that you’re hiring us because you demand solutions that fit your needs.

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