Our Journey so far...

The story of i-TeachOptions is one long and arduous journey of self-discovery about what I am capable of doing, what I am passionate about, and what the community needs.

Dissatisfied with the current method of financial literacy programs, I made it a mission to look for a powerful alternative to typical seminars.

Sometime in 2017, I stumbled on a workshop for children.  Teachers converted the classroom into a marketplace as a way to teach about entrepreneurship. The children played around as buyers and sellers.

From that point on, I learned my true north.

My love affair with gaming in the form of tabletop and card games and my fascination with behavioral finance led me directly to Gamification as an instructional tool.  

My mission is to make our workshop more engaging, lively, and impactful for participants.

So let the games begin.  


(P.S. Even in this time of new normal, we believe we can thrive. Workshops with no more than 10 people work perfectly for gamification so we can guarantee no one is left out).  

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Our Organizers

Theodore Marc Gutierrez, RFP® (Marc) remains committed to innovation in financial education. Teaching financial concepts through blogs, seminars, workshops at i-TeachOptions, he takes a look at the world of finance not so much as an academic but as a curious explorer--a documentary filmmaker--with an eye towards personal fulfillment. He thinks more in terms of GNH (Gross National Happiness) than GDP, leading to a form of financial education and planning fixated on the role of happiness. Above all, he is also a game nut. Currently dipped into the wild and fascinating area of Gamification, he spends his time inventing new games and applying game elements to various settings where no one thought before.


Marichiel Dela Cruz-Gutierrez (Mari) majored in Finance and Banking. She originally created i-TeachOptions as an open-source financial literacy platform that anyone can tweak and apply to their own business needs. Later on, she established Mari Gutierrez Events to plan, coordinate, and properly budget weddings, workshops, and other special occasions.  Financial planning is second nature to Mari and has utilized her talents of proper budgeting, organizing short- and long-term projects in all her endeavors. Having to work on i-TeachOptions reflects her underlying belief: that financial education, removed from its complexities and stripped down to bare essentials, can be far more dynamic in achieving wealth distribution and entrepreneurship

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